Poster session

Posters are presented in the MAS atrium area

submission no.Authors, Title
4 Bo Xing*, Reuben Wang*, Gabriel Carlo*, Dario Poletti*: Period doubling in period-1 steady states
7 Filip Auksztol*, James Grieve, Kian Fong Ng, Neo Ho, Jose Viana-Gomes, Alexander Ling: Elastomeric quantum optics system sampled with a single-pixel camera
11 Chithrabhanu Perumangatt*, Alexander Ling: Controlled distillation of quantum entanglement via interferometry
12 Salih Yanikgonul*, Jun Rong Ong, Victor Leong, Leonid Krivitsky: 2D Monte Carlo simulation of CMOS-compatible waveguide-based single-photon avalanche diode for visible wavelengths
14 Ryan Tan*, Jean-Sébastien Bernier, Lars Bonnes, Chu Guo, Dario Poletti, Corinna Kollath: Light-Cone and Diffusive Propagation of Correlations in a Many-Body Dissipative System
15 Xiansong Xu, Chu Guo, Dario Poletti*: Interplay of interaction and disorder in the steady state of an open quantum system
16 Li Tian Chew*, Li Lu*, Robert Simpson*: Interfacial Damage in Phase Change Materials Tuned Optical Structures
19 Chi Huan Nguyen, Adrian Nugraha Utama*, Matthias Steiner, Christian Kurtsiefer: Single atoms coupled to near-concentric cavity
20 Chang Jian Kwong, Mengke Feng*, Teck Seng Koh, Leong Chuan Kwek: Coherent transfer of singlet-triplet qubit states in an architecture of triple quantum dots
21 Victor Leong*, Sumin Choi, Dmitry Kalashnikov, Gandhi Alagappan, Junrong Ong, Ting Hu, Doris K.T. Ng, Leonid Krivitskiy: Towards a Quantum Nanophotonics Platform with Nanodiamonds Embedded in Silicon Nitride Ring Resonators
24 Venkatram Nalla*, João Valente, Handong Sun, Nikolay I. Zheludev*: Generation of Ultrashort Dark Pulses via Coherent Perfect Absorption in Plasmonic Metamaterial
29 Matthew Ho*, Mile Gu, Thomas Elliot: Towards quantum-enhanced inference algorithms for modelling stochastic processes
32 Jiajun Ma, Varun Narasimhachar*, Jayne Thompson, Gilad Gour, Mile Gu*: Memory capacity of quantum thermodynamic resources
35 Shah Faisal*, B. Sunthar, W. S. Koh: Surface Energy Balance Modelling for Industrial Areas
36 Jitendra Kumar Behera*, Xilin Zhou, Alok Ranjan, Robert Edwardsimpson*: Optimisation of phase change van der Waals structures by statistical design of experiments
37 B. Sunthar*, Shah Faisal*, W. S. Koh: Solar Heat Gain Modelling for Urban Environments
38 Aswin Eapen*, Soe Moe Thar, James Grieve, Aitor Villar, Alex Lohrmann, Peiyu Amelia Tan, Christian Kurtsiefer, Alexander Ling*: Digital Signatures Using Multi-Party QKD
39 Li Lu*, Ramon Paniagua-Dominguez, Vytautas Valuckas, Arseniy I. Kuznetsov, Robert E. Simpson*: Novel chalcogenide as a material platform for tunable nanoantenna arrays in the visible and near infrared spectrum
41 Jaren Gan*, Gleb Maslennikov*, Roland Hablutzel*, Beicheng Lou*, Ko-Wei Tseng*, Dzmitry Matsukevich*: Towards Continuous Variables Quantum Computing with ions
49 Jing Ning*, Robert Simpson, Yee Kan Koh: Electrical, optical and thermal properties of Sb2Te3 and related materials
53 Anbang Yang*, Sambit Pal*, Mark Lam, Andrew Laugharn, Sofia Botsi, Sunil Kumar, Kai Dieckmann*: Single and two photon spectroscopy of ultracold dipolar 6Li-40K molecules
55 Christine Satter*, Senmao Tan, Kai Dieckmann*: Efficient implementation of a gray optical molasses for sub-Doppler laser cooling of lithium-6 atoms
57 Pei Chen Kuan*, Chang Huang*, Shau-Yu Lan: Continuous motional sensing with highly dispersive medium
61 Wei Du, Xiaoping Chen, Harshini V. Annadata, Tao Wang, Christian A. Nijhuis*: Molecular electronic plasmon sources: the role of the tunnel barrier shape and electrostatic potential profile
65 Hao Hu*, Pablo Sampedro Ruiz*, Ran Ni*: Entropy Stabilizes Floppy Crystals of Mobile DNA-Coated Colloids
68 Jun Hao Hue*, Thanh Tri Chau, Martin-Isbjoern Trappe, Berthold-Georg Englert: Systematic Corrections to the Thomas-Fermi Approximation Without a Gradient Expansion
69 Rui Zhang*: Abstract for 2018 IPS meeting
71 Koon Tong Goh*, Jedrzej Kaniewski, Elie Wolfe, Tamas Vertesi, Xingyao Wu, Yu Cai, Yeong-Cherng Liang, Valerio Scarani: Geometry of the set of quantum correlations
72 Wui Seng Leong*, Mingjie Xin*, Zilong Chen*, Shau-Yu Lan*: Coherence transportation of Rubidium Atom in an Optical Waveguide
77 Mathias Seidler*, Boon Long Ng, Alessandro Cere, Christian Kurtsiefer: Photon triplets from a cold atomic ensemble
79 Thien Tran*: Investigation of light-induced atomic desorption (LIAD) on the loading rate of Rb-87 MOT
80 Pablo Sampedro Ruiz*: Polidispersity induced re-entrant melting and hexatic phases of hard disks
81 Zheng Liu*, Stefan Nimmrichter, Valerio Scarani: quantum gears
83 Udvas Chattopadhyay*, Yidong Chong: Goos-Hanchen and Imbert Federov shift of Weyl modes
84 Sai Ganesh Nagarajan*, Sameh Mohammed*, Georgios Piliouras*: Three body problems in evolutionary game dynamics: Convergence, Periodicity and Limit Cycles
88 Yun Meng, Jitendra Behera, Yujie Ke, Litian Chew, Yang Wang, Yi Long, Robert Simpson*: Multilevel optical properties in phase change materials
95 Bo Ouyang, Yongqi Zhang, Hongjin Fan, Singh Rawat Rajdeep*: Plasma Assisted core-shell Architectures for Energy Storage Devices
100 Ding Ding*, Xiaobo Yin, Baowen Li: Understanding photon sideband statistics and correlation for determining phonon coherence
102 Gowtham Subramanian, Yang Dahou, Ye Ai*, Rajesh Chandramohanadas*: A portable image-based cytometer for rapid malaria detection and quantification
105 Hermanni Heimonen*, Leong Chuan Kwek, Robin Kaiser, Guillaume Labeyrie: Synchronization of a Self-Sustained Cold Atom Oscillator
108 Ernest Ong*, Pinaki Sengupta: Spin-1 Heisenberg chain in a helical magnetic field
110 Yih Herng Ignatius Choong*: Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Li4Ti5O12 as anode material for Lithium Ion Batteries
112 Jun Yan Sim*, Hui Khoon Ng*, Berge Englert*: Optimal Error Regions in Quantum Process Estimation
114 Tham Kai Wen*, Chow Jia Qi: The Role of Phosphorus Diffusion in Solar Cell Efficiency
115 Marcus Pang*, Yeo Ye*: Feynman Path Integral Approach to Quantum Dynamics
116 Nur Fadilah Jamaludin*, Natalia Yantara, Yan Fong Ng, Annalisa Bruno, Bevita K. Chandran, Xin Yu Chin, Krishnamoorthy Thirumal, Nripan Mathews, Cesare Soci, Subodh Mhaisalkar: Perovskite templating via bathophenanthroline additive for efficient light-emitting devices
117 Yeshuai Yang*, Hyunmin Cho, Brian Lim Hoe Ray, Shi Hern Lim, M.V. Reddy*: Synthesis and characterization of AB2O4 spinels for Lithium Batteries
118 Dhiman Bhowmick*, Pinaki Sengupta*: Emergence of topological magnons in SrCu2(BO3)2
119 Tam Keng Hong, M.V. Reddy*: Bare and Doped LiMn2O4 and its Energy Storage Properties
124 Francesca Tosto*, Phyo Baw Swe, Tin Nghia Nguyen, Rainer Helmut Dumke: Optical Manipulation of Vortex Traps and Hybrid Atom Chip
125 Chongyun Jiang, Weigao Xu, Abdullah Rasmita, Zumeng Huang, Ke Li, Qihua Xiong*, Wei-Bo Gao*: Microsecond dark-exciton valley polarization memory in two-dimensional heterostructures
129 Alessandro Landra*, Chin Chean Lim, Kevin Gregory, Christoph Hufnagel, Deshui Yu, Rainer Dumke: Hybrid Quantum Systems of Atoms and Superconductors
130 Wei Fuhua, Lim Kim Yong, Sow Chorng Haur*: Kelvin probe force microscopy investigation on the local surface potential of zinc oxide nanowires
133 T. Thu Ha Do*, Andres Granados Del Aguila, Jun Xing, Wen Jie Jee, Lulu Zhang, Qihua Xiong*: Efficient Up-conversion Photoluminescence in All-Inorganic Perovskite Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals
134 Ushnish Chaudhuri*, Mukesh Kumari, Ramanathan Mahendiran: Indirect Permeability Measurements using a ‘Strip-coil’ for Co0.6Zn0.4Fe1.7Mn0.3O4
135 De Wei Wong, Wei Liang Gan, Yuan Kai Teo, Wen Siang Lew*: Programmable cell death mediated by configurable magnetic fields
136 Koon Siang Gan, Wenhua Yan, Nghia Nguyen, Rainer Dumke*: Towards quantum simulation by a BEC in tailored optical potentials
139 Wee Lin Joyce Ang*, Boon Kin Pong*, Keng Yeow Chung*: Measuring radon level in Singapore
140 Sean Krupp, Andres Granados Del Aguila, Qihua Xiong*: Optical Properties on MoS2 quantum dots: A novel colloidal nanocrystal system
142 Sumin Choi*, Gandhi Alagappan, Jun Rong Ong, Dmitry A. Kalashnikov, Victor Leong, Hu Ting, Doris Ng, Valery Davydov, Leonid A. Krivitskiy: Diamond photonics : silicon vacancy centres in nanodiamonds and the inverse taper effect in diamond tips
144 Marc Courte*, Chao Shen, Denis Fichou: Quinoidal Tetraphenyldipyranylidene as an Efficient Hole Transporting Material for Stable Perovskite Solar Cells
147 Kittipitch Yooprasertchuti*, Massimo Spina, Slaven Garaj*: Ionic Transport through Few Nanometer High Graphene Nanochannels
149 Thomas Tan, Eric Plum, Ranjan Singh*: Efficient lattice mode coupling to THz Fano metamaterial with line-narrowing effect
150 Amit Chanda, Ramanathan Mahendiran*: Influence of magnetic field and hydrostatic pressure on low temperature structural transition in two distinct classes of ferromagnet Pr0.6Sr0.4BO3 [B= Mn and Co]
151 Hasan Mehedi*, Chang Chi Kwong, David Wilkowski: Signature of non-Abelian gauge field from an expanding atomic cloud
153 Ivan Lim*, Sum Hung Yee*: Revisiting a Novel Approach to Investigating the Thermal Properties of Materials Using Michelson Interferometer