Poster session

Posters are presented in the Library Atrium area

These contributions here were selected as poster presentations. The complete information including the abstract can be found in the pdf programme.

As in earlier years, we offer a short posterpitch presentation on Thursday after lunch, where every poster presenter can pitch their work to the whole audience within 3 minutes in a live presentation.

submission no.Authors, Title
15 Jinyi Du*, George Chen*, Hongwei Gao*, Dawn Tan*, James Grieve*, Alexander Ling*: High-quality silicon waveguide-based heralded single-photon source with 355kHz observed coincidence count.
20 Xingjian Zhang*, Jinchang Liu, Alexander Ling: Preparing to Distribute Polarization-encoded Qubits from Single-Photon Emitter over ˜30 km Deployed Fiber
27 Fong En Oon*, Kai Sheng Lee*, Nathan Shettell*, Elizaveta Maksimova, Christoph Hufnagel, Rainer Dumke: Design and Applications of Atomic Sensors
28 Hou Shun Poh*, Christian Kurtsiefer: All-Transparent Optical Routers for a Quantum Network Embedded in a Classical Optical Fibre Network
32 Yifan Li*, Xi Jie Yeo, Christian Kurtsiefer*: Towards correlated photon triplets using six-wave mixing in a cold atomic ensemble
34 Thormund Tay*, Fabio Joel Auccapuclla*, Miguel Garcia Alonso*, Yicheng Shi*, Seth Poh*, Christian Kurtsiefer*: Seismic Sensing with Optical Fibres
40 Yink Loong Len*, Tejas Acharya, Alexia Auffèves, Hui Khoon Ng: Quantum metrology: A cost-conscious perspective
46 Xiaoyu Nie*, Canming He*, Victor Avalos*, Anbang Yang*, Kai Dieckmann*: Progress of Triple Species Sympathetic Cooling in Optical Plugged Quadrupole Trap
47 Canming He*, Xiaoyu Nie*, Victor Avalos*, Anbang Yang*, Sofia Botsi*, Sunil Kumar*, Kai Dieckmann*: Efficient Creation of Ground State 6Li40K Molecules
48 Veerendra Dhyani*, Sakthi Sanjeev Mohanraj, Sihao Wang, Xiaodong Shi, Angela Anna Baiju, Victor Leong, Di Zhu*: Imaging of periodically poled domains in thin-film lithium niobate using scanning electron microscopy
49 Sakthi Sanjeev Mohanraj, Veerendra Dhyani, Sihao Wang, Xiaodong Shi, Angela Anna Baiju, Victor Leong, Di Zhu*: Fabrication, characterization, and optimization of periodic poling in x cut thin film lithium niobate
55 Wen Xin Chiew*, Florentin Adam*, Adrian Utama*, Christian Kurtsiefer*: Observation of vacuum Rabi splitting in a compact stable near-concentric cavity
61 Athira Krishnan Sreedevi*, Haotian Song*, Rishav Koirala*, Kai Dieckmann*: Progress Towards Loading Fermionic Lithium in 2D Disordered Optical Lattice
62 Victor Avalos*, Canming He*, Xiaoyu Nie*, Anbang Yang*, Kai Dieckmann*: FPGA based frequency stabilization of low-phase-noise diode lasers
64 Chang Hoong Chow*, Boon Long Ng, Vindhiya Prakash, Christian Kurtsiefer: Cooling Optically Trapped Single Atoms with Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
67 Justin Yu Xiang Peh, Darren Ming Zhi Koh, Zifang Xu, Xi Jie Yeo, Peng Kian Tan, Christian Kurtsiefer*: Clock Synchronization using Thermal Correlations without External Frequency Standards
68 Jaren Gan*, Mu Young Kim*, Rongjie Zhang*, Nigel Lee*, Jiacheng You*, Eugene Koh*, Vincent Lau*, Dzmitry Matsukevich*: Quantum Sensor of Mechanical Vibrations
70 Anindita Chaudhuri*, Andrivo Rusydi: Quasi local plasmons in strong electron correlated perovskite systems
80 Liangtao Peng*, Indra Yudhistira, Giovanni Vignale, Shaffique Adam: Theoretical determination of the effect of a screening gate on the superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene
81 Jonathan Schwinger*, Xiaozhou Pan*: Protecting the quantum interference of cat states by phase-space compression
85 Weikun Tian, Fan Jia, Wen Jun Wee, An Qu, Jiacheng You, Prithvi Raj Datla, Huanqian Loh*: Geometrically frustrated Rb atom arrays in Rydberg states for quantum many-body simulation
89 Fernando Valadares Calheiros Siqueira*, Atharv Joshi, Kyle Chu*, Lingda Kong, Ni-Ni Huang, Pengtao Song, Weipin Chua, Aleksandr Dorogov, Yvonne Gao: Introducing flux-tunability in high-Q superconducting cavity devices
90 Xiaozhou Pan*, Tanjung Krisnanda*, Ni-Ni Huang*, Yvonne Gao*: Quantum-enhanced Phase Estimation in Three-dimensional Superconducting Circuits
92 Wenxuan Zhang*, Xiansong Xu*, Zheyu Wu*, Vinitha Balachandran*, Dario Poletti*: Ground state search by local and sequential updates of neural network quantum states
95 Peter Sidajaya*, Winston Fu, Clive Cenxin Aw, Valerio Scarani*: Bayesian Retrodiction of a Black Hole
97 Xiang Ru Xie*, Chang Chi Kwong, David Wilkowski: Development of a controllable and robust cold atomic source using laser ablation
99 Giorgio Canalella*, Xiaozhou Pan*, Yvonne Gao: Fast cavity universal control with quantum gates: ECD and CNOD gates at comparison
102 Jalen Andrew Mateo*, Yee Sin Ang*, Peihao Fu*: Laser-Driven Higher Chern Number And Spin Chern Number States in the Quantum Spin Hall Phase of α-T3 Model
104 Tanjung Krisnanda*: Efficient and robust state tomography with quantum reservoir processing
106 Juanfeng Zhu*, Lin Wu: Enhanced Cherenkov radiation based on flatband metasurface
107 Zicheng Song*, Jiaqi Zhu: Inverse design of diffusion-absorption hybrid metasurfaces
108 Rebecca Erbanni*, Xiansong Xu, Tommaso Demarie, Dario Poletti: Simulating quantum transport via collisional models on a digital quantum computer
114 Zhengxin Liang*, Christian Kurtsiefer*, Peng Kian Tan*: Method to detect a signal of an obstruction within shot noise
116 Jianing Li*, Swarup Das*, Chang Chi Kwong, Thomas Zanon Willette, Shau-Yu Lan, David Wilkowski*: Towards compact accelerometer with cold atomic interferometry
117 Chirantan Mitra*, Chetan Sriram Madasu, Chang Chi Kwong, Lucas Antoine Gabardos, David Wilkowski*: Machine learning-optimization of strontium quantum gas
118 Zhe Wang*, Vijith Kalathingal*, Yongxin Guo*, Goki Eda*, Christian Nijhuis*: Engineering the outcoupling pathways in plasmonic tunnel junctions via photonic mode dispersion
119 Chetan Sriram Madasu, Mehedi Hasan, Chang Chi Kwong, Ketan Rathod, David Wilkowski*: Dynamics of cold gas in synthetic non-Abelian gauge fields in free space
123 Rangga Perdana Budoyo*, Long Hoang Nguyen, Yuanzheng Paul Tan, Kun Hee Park, Patrick Bore, Senthil Kumar Karuppannan, Rasanayagam Kajen, Christoph Hufnagel, Yung Szen Yap, Rainer Dumke: Development of Superconducting Quantum Processor
129 Hamim M. Rivy, Syed A. Aljunid, Emmanuel Lassalle, Vincent Mancois, Kelvin Lim, Nikolay I. Zheludev, David Wilkowski*: Optical Superoscillatory Techniques for Quantum Gases
130 Yuanjun Jin*, Xingyu Yue, Guoqing Chang*: Two-dimensional weak topological insulators and superconductors
131 Cuiping Ma*, Wenhao Wang, Zhiming Wang*: Asymmetric liquid deformation based on chiral plasmon-induced optofluidics
134 Liu Yuqing*, Lim Sharon Xiaodai*, Sow Chorng Haur*: Laser-Enriched recovered Carbon Black with Improved Performance as Anode for Lithium-Ion Battery
137 Seth Chew*, Xianquan Yu*, Jinchao Mo, Tiangao Lu, Ting You Tan, Travis Nicholson*: An ultracold indium apparatus
142 Abdillah Shaik, Subhakanta Das, Sabpreet Bhatti, Jianpeng Chan, S.N Piramanayagam*: Optimised spin-orbit torque efficiency by a low-energy mixed species ions exposure.
148 Indra Yudhistira*, Liangtao Peng, Shaffique Adam: Apparent strange metal in small angle twisted bilayer graphene
149 Harvey Cao*, Daniel Leykam, Dimitris Angelakis: Unsupervised learning of quantum scars using intrinsic dimension
151 Mikhail Kravtsov*, Artur Shilov, Yaping Yang, Mikhail Kashchenko*, Andrei Kudriashov*, Denis Bandurin*: Observation of negative photoresistance caused by the superballistic electron flow in graphene
153 Justin Yu Xiang Peh*, Darren Ming Zhi Koh, Zifang Xu, Christian Kurtsiefer*: Practical Demonstration of Polarization-Entanglement Quantum Key Distribution over Standard Telecommunication Fiber
156 Kok Wai Lee, Yee Sin Ang*: Injection-Limited and Space-Charge-Limited Conduction in Wide Bandgap Semiconductors with Velocity Saturation Effect
159 Filippo Martinelli, Shuyu Dong, Anton Vetlugin*, Darren Koh Ming Zhi*, Christian Kurtsiefer*, Cesare Soci*: NbTiN nanowires on the SOI platform for integrated quantum photonics
171 Sen Shao*, Guoqing Chang: Intertwining of magnetism and charge ordering in kagome FeGe
172 Gautham Varma K*, Azaz Ahmad, Gargee G. Sharma*: Charge transport in spin-orbit coupled semimetals
173 Azaz Ahmad*, Karthik V. Raman, Sumanta Tewari, G. Sharma*: Longitudinal magnetoconductance and the planar Hall conductance in inhomogeneous Weyl semimetals
174 Koon Siang Gan*: An Atomtronic Setup For Inducing Rotations in a Ring BEC