"Poster" session

These contributions here were selected as poster presentations. If the authors provided a link to the content, you can click on the title of the contribution and will be directed to the presentation. The complete information including the abstract can be found in the pdf programme.

submission no.Authors, Title
10 Mark Goh*: Parabolic Transformation of the Lorentz Group
14 Roni Muslim*, Rinto Anugraha, Sholihun Sholihun, Muhammad Farchani Rosyid: Universality of the Sznajd Model with Anticonformity on a Fully-Connected Network
16 Kun Ting Eddie Chua*, Karia Dibert, Mark Vogelsberger, Jesus Zavala: Simulating the effects of inelastic self-interacting dark matter on the structure of a Milky Way halo
20 Bai Chu Yu, Yu Guo, Xiao Min Hu, Bi Heng Liu*, Yu Chun Wu*, Yun Feng Huang, Chuan Feng Li, Guang Can Guo: Measurement-device-independent quantification of irreducible entanglement
21 Nuur Hasanah*: Blue on blue: blue fluorescing aluminium molybdate for methylene blue sensing
22 Truman Ng*: Origin and Enhancement of Large Spin Hall Angle in Weyl Semimetals LaAlX (X=Si, Ge)
24 Rui Zhu, Wen Zhang*, Wei Shen, Andrew Wee*: Exchange Bias in an Antiferromagnetic/Ferromagnetic van der Waals Heterostructure
25 Malcolm Sow*: Graphene Oxide: Making a Potential Difference
35 Mayeen Khandaker*, Kotaro Nagatsu, David Bradley: Cyclotron production of no carrier added theranostic radionuclide 186Re
37 Jinpei Zhao*, Sourav Mitra, Chrong Haur Sow, Konstantin Novoselov*, Jens Martin*: 2D materials imaging with single electron transistor
42 Jeremy Lim*, Wenjun Ding, Hue Do, Xiong Xiao, Zackaria Mahfoud, Jason Png, Michel Bosman, Lay Kee Ang*, Lin Wu*: Particle-in-cell simulation of plasmons
45 Lijiong Shen*, Andreas Aigner, Jianwei Lee, Cesare Soci, Christian Kurtsiefer: Contactless characterization of superconducting films
47 Rinto Anugraha*, Roni Muslim, Indri Yanti: Phase Transition and Transient Magnetization of Two Opinion Dynamics Models in Sociophysics
51 Zestin Tay*, Valerio Scarani: Testing Random Numbers with Machine Learning
53 Wei Jie Chan*, Yee Sin Ang*, Ricky Ang*: Multi-peak property in 3D nodal-point semimetals under field emission
55 Ardhi Haq*, Catur Prihatmoko, Amirul Hakim: Heavy Metal Filtration Using a Capacitive Deionization System in Graphene Oxide-Based Supercapacitors
57 Yanan Wang*, Du Xiang, Yue Zheng, Jing Gao, Wei Chen: Van der Waals Heterostructures with tunable tunneling behavior enabled by MoO2 surface functionalization
59 Chee Wei Soh*: Distinguishing Two Modes
61 Jing Gao*, Hang Yang, Hongying Mao, Du Xiang, Wei Chen: Out-of-plane homojunction enabled high performance SnS2 lateral phototransistor
72 Koon Siang Gan*, Francesca Tosto*: A versatile setup for tunable optical potentials with BECs
76 Jinchao Mo*, Xianquan Yu, Ting You Tan, Steven Touzard, Travis Nicholson*: The CQT group III machine
78 Steven Touzard*, Ravinraj Ramaraj, Rui Wang, Travis Nicholson*: The NUS CQT strontium machine
80 Eric Linardy*, Dinesh Yadav, Danielle Vella, Ivan A Verzhbitskiy, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Fabian Pauly, Maxim Trushin, Goki Eda*: Harnessing exciton-exciton annihilation in two-dimensional semiconductors
88 Fangwei Wang*, Thorin Jake Duffin, Vijith Kalathingal, Christian A. Nijhuis*: Highly efficient on-chip plasmonic detectors based on Cu/p-Si Schottky diodes
90 Justin Zhou*, Angelina Frank, Ivan Verzhbitskiy, James Grieve, José Viana-Gomes, Alexander Ling, Goki Eda: Coupling Monolayer WS2 with a Photonic Polymer Waveguide Through Mode-Center Placement
91 Kaisheng Lee*: Magnetic field effects on biological material
93 Hippolyte P.A.G. Astier*, Yingmei Han, Cameron Nickle, Ziyu Zhang, Thorin J. Duffin, Zhe Wang, Dongchen Qi, Enrique del Barco, Damien Thompson, Christian A. Nijhuis*: Switching rate measurements in self-assembled tunnel junctions
94 Bo Xing*, Xiansong Xu, Vinitha Balachandran, Dario Poletti: Heat, particle and chiral currents in a boundary driven bosonic ladder in the presence of gauge field
95 Ryan Tan*, Xiansong Xu*, Dario Poletti*: Interaction-impeded relaxation in the presence of finite temperature baths
98 Hermanni Heimonen*, Tobias Haug, Kishor Bharti: QRAKEN: Quantum Random Keys via Entanglement
101 Hoang Long Nguyen*, Alessandro Landra*, Christoph Hufnagel*, Yung Szen Yap, Rangga Perdana Budoyo, Rainer Helmut Dumke: Hybrid Quantum Systems of Atoms and Superconductors
102 Qiang Wang*, Haoran Xue, Baile Zhang, Yidong Chong: Observation of Protected Photonic Edge States Induced By Real-Space Topological Lattice Defects
107 Chang Hoong Chow*, Boon Long Ng*, Christian Kurtsiefer*: Coherence of a dynamically decoupled single neutral atom
109 Chang Chi Kwong*, Thomas Wellens, Kanhaiya Pandey, David Wilkowski: Forward scattered field in the nonlinear saturated regime
110 Kang Hao Lee*, Dario Poletti*: Effects of non-uniform magnetic field on the spin current of strongly dissipatively driven XXZ spin chains
111 Bo Tai*, Weikang Wu*, Yalong Jiao, Xiaolong Feng, Jianzhou Zhao, Yunhao Lu, Xian-Lei Sheng, Shengyuan A. Yang: Two-dimensional CoSe structures: Intrinsic magnetism, nonsymmorphic magnetic nodal line, and antiferromagnetic metal state
113 Krishna Chaitanya Yellapragada*, Xiu Quan Quek, Mohammad Mujahid Aliyu, Wei Hong Yeo, Swarup Das, Huanqian Loh*: Trapping Sodium Atoms in Optical Tweezers for NaK Molecules
114 Liemao Cao*, Yee Sin Ang*, Qingyun Wu*, Lay Kee Ang*: Janus PtSSe and graphene heterostructure with tunable Schottky barrier
115 Qingyun Wu*, Yee Sin Ang, Liemao Cao, Lay Kee Ang*: Design of metal contacts for monolayer Fe3GeTe2 based devices
119 Dexter Huang*: Compact numerical modelling to evaluate outdoor surface temperature in tropical residential environments
122 Fong En Oon*, Rainer Dumke*: Construction of a Portable Atomic Gravimeter
127 Salih Yanikgonul*, Guo Ruixiang, Angelos Xomalis, Anton N. Vetlugin, Giorgio Adamo, Cesare Soci, Nikolay I. Zheludev: Phase stabilization of a coherent fibre network by single-photon counting
128 Kishor Bharti*: Robust Self-Testing of Quantum Systems via Noncontextuality Inequalities
129 Kishor Bharti*: Local certification of programmable quantum devices of arbitrary high dimensionality
132 Salih Yanikgonul*, Victor Xu Heng Leong, Jun Rong Ong, Leonid Krivitsky: Single-photon Avalanche Diodes for Scalable Integrated Quantum Photonics
133 Poh*, Li Lu*, Robert Edward Simpson*: Sb2S3 Crystallization
134 Wai-Keong Mok*, Davit Aghamalyan, Jiabin You, Tobias Haug, Leong-Chuan Kwek: Microresonators enhance long-distance quantum information processing in chiral quantum networks
138 Maciej Klein*, Li Jia, Subodh G. Mhaisalkar, Annalisa Bruno, Cesare Soci: Perovskite light-emitting field-effect transistors operating at room temperature
146 Supanut Thanasilp*, Jirawat Tangpanitanon, Marc-Antoine Lemonde, Dimitris Angelakis*: Expressibility and trainability of parameterized analog quantum systems for machine learning applications
147 Xinmao Yin*, Andrew T. S. Wee*: Observation of the annealing-induced phase-transition in monolayer-MoS2 on gold film
148 Chi Sin Tang, Xinmao Yin, Andrew Thye Shen Wee*: High‐Yield Phase‐Transition Transition Metal Dichalcogenides on Metallic Substrates
151 Rajasree Das*, Ushnish Chaudhuri, Ramanathan Mahendiran: Temperature dependent study of the spectroscopic g−factor and magnetic relaxation in Sr2FeMoO6
158 Hemam Rachna Devi*, Chen Zhong, Karuna Kar Nanda: Transition metal based trimetallic oxide 2D nanostructures for efficient water oxidation
159 Mordjann Souilamas*, Massimo Spina*, Nathan Ronceray, Kittipitch Yooprasertchuti, Slaven Garaj*: Fabrication of Pristine Graphene Nanochannels for Ionic and Water transport measurements
160 Ting Yu Teo*, Mario Miscuglio, Volker Sorger, Robert Simpson: Chalcogenides for Optical Neural Network
161 Li Tian Chew*, Robert Simpson, Chao Sung Lai, Ting Yu Teo, Li Lu, Jose C Martinez, Hui Ling Poh, Asim Senapati: Antimony Trisulphide (Sb2S3) Hybrid Multi-Bit Memory Device
162 Amritpal Nafria*: Modifications of Newton's Second law of motion
163 Athira Krishnan Sreedevi*, Andy Neo*, Kai Dieckmann*: Optical Lattice Setup for the Study of Disorder and Interactions in a Two-Dimensional Fermi Gas