Poster session

Posters are presented in the MAS Atrium area

These contributions here were selected as poster presentations. The complete information including the abstract can be found in the pdf programme.

As in earlier years, we offer a short posterpitch presentation on Thursday before lunch, where every poster presenter can pitch their work to the whole audience within 3 minutes in a live presentation. The poster content will be available via a link provided by the authors.

submission no.Authors, Title
8 Chung Chuan Hsu, Rémy Larue, Chang Chi Kwong*, David Wilkowski: A simple and compact cold atomic source using laser ablation
15 Tianqi Chen*, Ruizhe Shen, Bo Yang: A novel realization of AKLT state on a NISQ-era quantum computer
22 Yanfeng Ge*: Superconductivity in graphite-diamond hybrid
23 Clive Cenxin Aw*, Valerio Scarani, Francesco Buscemi: Retrodicting Complicated Channels in both Classical & Quantum Regimes
29 Pooja Jayachandran*, Lin Htoo Zaw, Valerio Scarani: Witnessing entanglement in two harmonic systems
36 Yang Long*, Haoran Xue, Baile Zhang: Non-Hermitian topological systems with eigenvalues that are always real
38 Bijaya Luitel*: Where is the gas? Molecular gas maps for galaxies in the early universe
40 Heitor Casagrande*, Vinitha Balachandran*, Dario Poletti*: Quantum-tailored Probabilistic Cellular Automata
44 Wenxuan Zhang, Xiansong Xu*, Zheyu Wu*, Vinitha Balachandran*, Dario Poletti*: Ground state search by local and sequential updates of neural network quantum states
48 Adrian Copetudo*, Clara Fontaine*, Pengtao Song*: Shadow tomography and extreme machine learning with bosonic modes
58 Russell Yang*, Jun Wei Tan*, Tommy Tai, Jin Ming Koh, Linhu Li, Stefano Longhi, Ching Hua Lee*: Designing non-Hermitian real spectra through electrostatics
64 Xiaozhou Pan*, Jonathan Schwinger*, Nini Huang*, Yvonne Gao*: Squeezed cat state in three-dimensional microwave cavity
65 Ximing Wang*, Mile Gu*: Variational Decoupling of Quantum Dynamics
66 Atharv Joshi*, Pengtao Song, Yvonne Gao: Planar resonators for bosonic circuit QED
68 Florentin Adam*, Adrian Utama, Wen Xin Chiew, Christian Kurtsiefer: Lightweight stable near-concentric cavity design
69 Guangzhao Yang*, Teck Seng Koh*: Orbital modelling of charge dipole moments of quantum dot qubits
71 Pranshu Dave, M. Zirdi Syukur, Nguyen Phong Le, Zixiong Liu, Ben Olsen*: An apparatus for ultracold lithium quantum gases
72 Xi Jie Yeo*, Leow Alvin, Lijiong Shen, Peng Kian Tan, Christian Kurtsiefer: Characterising the Onset of Lasing Using Interferometric Photon Correlations
73 Ko-Wei Tseng*, Chi Huan Nguyen*, Jaren Gan*, Mu Young Kim*, Dzmitry Matsukevich*: Continuous Variable Geometry Phase Gate with Trapped Ions
83 Thormund Tay*, Yicheng Shi*, Fabio Joel Auccapuclla*, Hou Shun Poh*, Christian Kurtsiefer*: Seismic Sensing with Optical Fibres
84 Si Yan Koh*, Teck Seng Koh*: Circuit quantum electrodynamics with spin qubits
88 Varun Gupta, Dipankar Mandal*: Single step electroactive in-situ phase nucleation and poling in ferroelectric polymer for self-powered pyroelectric applications
91 Brandon Ong*, Yulia Lekina*, Benny Febriansyah, Zexiang Shen*: Low Temperature Response in m-bromophenethylammonium-based (m-C6H4FC2H4NH3)2PbI4 2D Perovskites (m = 2, 3, or 4)
92 Fernando Valadares*, Aleksandr Dorogov, Daniel Leykam, Dimitris G. Angelakis, Yvonne Gao: Thermal State Preparation on Bosonic-Mode Circuit QED
93 Canming He*, Anbang Yang*, Xiaoyu Nie*, Victor Avalos*, Sofia Botsi*, Sunil Kumar*, Kai Dieckmann*: Coherent transfer of 6Li-40K absolute ground state
94 Shuyang Meng*, Valerio Scarani*: Randomness of Quantum Objects
100 Wenfang Li*, Jinjin Du*, Mark Lam*, Wenhui Li*: Large Cross-Kerr effect induced by microwave-dressed Rydberg state at telecom-band
101 Jinjin Du*, Thibault Vogt, Wenhui Li: Fast Single-shot Imaging of Individual Ions via Homodyne detection of Rydberg-Blockade-Induced Absorption
112 Victor Avalos*, Xiaoyu Nie, Canming He, Anbang Yang, Kai Dieckmann*: Low-Phase-Noise Diode Laser Systems for the STIRAP transfer of Ultracold LiK Molecules
113 Meng-Fu Chen*, Shaffique Adam*: Computational screening for the bulk photovoltaic effect in van der Waals heterostructures
117 Nyayabanta Swain*, Gabriel Lemarie*: Universal features of conductance fluctuations in 2D strong Anderson localised regime.
128 Aswin Alexander Eapen, Sarthak Das, Aravind Padath Antur*: Measuring the crystal axis orientation from second harmonic generation
129 Rangga Perdana Budoyo*, Long Hoang Nguyen, Yuanzheng Paul Tan, Kun Hee Park, Patrick Bore, Senthil Kumar Karuppannan, Christoph Hufnagel, Yung Szen Yap, Rainer Dumke: Development of Superconducting Quantum Processor
130 Fong En Oon*, Nathan Shettell*, Rainer Dumke, Kai Sheng Lee, Christoph Hufnagel: Design and Applications of Atomic Sensors
131 Koon Siang Gan*: Atomtronic BEC setup for Matter-wave Interferometry
132 Jianing Li*, Kelvin Lim, Swarup Das, Thomas Zanon-Willette, Chang Chi Kwong, Shau-Yu Lan, David Wilkowski: Bi-color atomic beam slower and magnetic field compensation for ultracold gases
134 Simon Kanthak*, Matthias Gersemann, Ekim Hanimeli, Mikhail Cheredinov, Sven Abend, Ernst M. Rasel, Markus Krutzik: Time-domain optics for atomic quantum matter
137 Antony Hartanto*, Ivan Erofeev, Khakimjon Saidov, Utkur Mirsaidov*: Temperature-Dependent Phase-Field Microstructure Simulation of Anisotropic Grain Growth in Metal
139 Muhammed Juvaid M*, Hao Tan, Hippolyte P.A.G. Astier, Jing Yang Chung, Chandan Das, John Sudijono, Silvija Gradečak*: Atomic Layer Deposition of Waferscale Crystalline WS2 Thin Films for Back-End-of-Line Applications
140 Soumyadeep Sinha*, Hippolyte P.A.G. Astier, Muhammed Juvaid M, Jing Yang Chung, Chandan Das, John Sudijono, Silvija Gradečak*: Wafer-Scale Deposition of Boron Nitride Thin Films via Low-Temperature PECVD Process
142 Jing Yang Chung, Yanwen Yuan, Silvija Gradecak-Garaj*, Slaven Garaj*: Exfoliation of two-dimensional boron from non-van der Waals crystals
146 Hippolyte P.A.G. Astier*, Muhammed Juvaid Mangattuchali, Meldrick Kuan, Soumyadeep Sinha, Jing Yang Chung, Saurabh Srivastava, Chandan Das, John Sudijono, Silvija Gradecak: Screening new copper diffusion barriers for interconnects using electrical measurements
147 Gillian Foo*, Darren Koh, Xi Jie Yeo, Jae Suk Hwang, Christian Kurtsiefer*, Peng Kian Tan*: Towards Luminosity Transit Coronagraphy
148 Wui Seng Leong, Mingjie Xin, Zilong Chen, Yu Wang, Shau-Yu Lan*: Rapid Quantum Squeezing by Jumping the Harmonic Oscillator Frequency
149 Marco Marangi*, Jingyi Tian, Maciej Klein, Guglielmo Lanzani, Cesare Soci*: Exciton polaritons in J-aggregates coupled to dielectric metasurfaces
150 Christian Roubal*, Florian Moll*: CubeSat-based Space Laser Terminals