The Poster Pitch student competition is an opportunity to showcase posters to the large IPS audience for 3 minutes in whatever form presenters feel like to attract visitors to their posters. Project e.g. an image of the poster on the screen so presenters can talk to it, but any other format is also welcome - just let us know at, and don't forget to enter a link to your content to via the easychair interface. The presenters at this sessions will be eligible to the Best Poster Award at this year's IPS meeting!

When & Where

The session will take place on Friday, 1 October, venue: Grand Ballroom


You can present your poster at this event as long as you notify us, and as long as there are time slots free. To simplify organization, do let us have a soft copy of your poster or a short presenttion, either in pdf or in power point. Ideally, you do this via email to early enough (say, at least a day before) the presentation such that we can upload it to this web page.


The times given are based on a 3 minute presentation - this is a fast-paced event, and we allow for 1 minute switchover between presenters. Let's see if this works out. So far, we have line up the following poster presentations:

TimeWho & What
4:00pm Introduction by Cesare Soci
4:05pm P14: Subash Sachidananda, Prithvi Gundlapalli, Victor Leong, Leonid Krivitsky, Alexander Ling: Using a software-controlled active quenching approach to test custom fabricated integrated APD
4:08pm P33: Tianqi Chen*, Dario Poletti: Thermodynamic performance of a periodically driven harmonic oscillator correlated with the baths
4.11pm P143: Nur Qalishah Adanan*, Simon Wredh*, Jing Ning*, Yunzheng Wang*, Robert Edward Simpson*: Interfacial phase change materials with improved stability: a comparison of Ge45Te52S3/Sb2Te3 with GeTe/Sb2Te3 superlattices
4.14pm P120: Salim El Kazzi*, Vejay Girija Jagadeesan*, Ya Woon Lum*, Utkur Mirsaidov: A route for wafer scale h-BN integration into Si-technology
4.17pm P12: Dhiman Bhowmick*, Pinaki Sengupta*: Weyl-triplons in SrCu2(BO3)2
4.20pm P11: Manikandan Marimuthu, Arup Ghosh, Mahendiran Ramanathan*: Anomalous Nernst Effect and Joule Magnetostriction in ferromagnetic La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 synthesized by microwave irradiation
4.23pm P23: Khatee Zathul Arifa*, Martial Ducloy, David Wilkowski, Bing Sui Lu*: Far-field Casimir-Polder Repulsions and Where to Find Them
4.27pm P140: Maciej Klein*, Bryan Cheng, Annalisa Bruno, Cesare Soci*: Pulsed perovskite light-emitting transistors
4.30pm P125: Ya Woon Lum, Salim El Kazzi*, Sergej Pasko, Oliver Whear, Saumitra Vajandar, Thomas Osipowicz, Utkur Mirsaidov: Evaluation of 2D materials as potential barrier layers for the future metal interconnect technology
4.33pm P30: Beng Yee Gan*, Daniel Leykam, Dimitris G. Angelakis: Fock State-enhanced Expressivity of Quantum Machine Learning Models
4.36pm P123: Yue Xu*, Soumya Sarkar, Jing Yang Chung, Manohar Lal, Sinu Mathew, T.Venky Venkatesan, Silvija Gradecak*: Focused ion beams tailored room-temperature color centers in hexagonal boron nitride
4.39pm P50: Clarence Liu*, Srihari Sivasankaran, Esther Wong, Peng Kian Tan, Moritz Mihm, Christian Kurtsiefer, Alexander Ling: Designing an optical ground station in an urban environment for satellite-based quantum communication