The Poster Pitch student competition is an opportunity to showcase posters to the large IPS audience for 3 minutes in whatever form presenters feel like to attract visitors to their posters. Project e.g. an image of the poster on the screen so presenters can talk to it, but any other format is also welcome - just let us know at The presenters at this sessions will be eligible to the Best Poster Award at this year's IPS meeting!

When & Where

The session will take place on Thursday, 23 February 1:30pm, venue: Performance hall (W2)


You can present your poster at this event as long as you notify us, and as long as there are time slots free (we have space for 15 presentations). To simplify organization, do let us have a soft copy of your poster, either in pdf or in power point.


The times given are based on a 3 minute presentation - this is a fast-paced event, and we allow for 1 minute switchover between presenters. Let's see if this works out. So far, we have line up the following poster presentations:

TimeWho & What
1:30pm Introduction by Cesare Soci
1:35pm P120: Anqi Chen and Zheng Yong Ang: White Cathodoluminescence Enabled by the Field Emission from Zinc Oxide Nanowires
1:39pm P138: Lisa Shannon Goh and M V Reddy: Iron Oxides as Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries (not presented)
1:43pm P63:Yan Yuh Tan and Mv Reddy: Novel nanocrystalline anodes for Lithium ion batteries
1:47pm P98: Jun Hao Hue et al.: Semiclassical Particle Density for Many-Fermion Systems
1:51pm P90: Jiayun Wang et al.: The Effects of Noise on a Quantum Spin Coupled to an Intermediate Bath Spin
1:55pm P30: Shen Kai Yeo et al.: Mn-based Oxides As Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries
1:59pm P116: Kleon Ang et al.: Tuning Charge Transfer Property of MoS2 via Focused Laser Beam Based Technique
2:03pm P146: Belle Sow et al.: Emergent Properties from WS2 Empowered by Laser Sculpting and Au Nanoparticles Landscaping
2:07pm P34, 38, 47, 50: Mark Lim and team: Four amazing things you can do with plasma to silicon
2:11pm P133: Bhumika Chaudhary et al.: Polymer-based Interfacial Passivation of Organo Lead Iodide for High Voltage and Moisture Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells
2:15pm P52: Thuy Dung Tran: Electrospinning of Polymers for Water Purification Applications