The Poster Pitch student competition is an opportunity to showcase posters to the large IPS audience for 3 minutes in whatever form presenters feel like to attract visitors to their posters. Project e.g. an image of the poster on the screen so presenters can talk to it, but any other format is also welcome - just let us know at, and don't forget to enter a link to your content to via the easychair interface. The presenters at this sessions will be eligible to the Best Poster Award at this year's IPS meeting!

When & Where

The session will take place on Thursday, 29 September, venue: LT1


You can present your poster at this event as long as you notify us, and as long as there are time slots free. To simplify organization, do let us have a soft copy of your poster or a short presenttion, either in pdf or in power point. Ideally, you do this via email to early enough (say, at least a day before) the presentation such that we can upload it to this web page.


The times given are based on a 3 minute presentation - this is a fast-paced event, and we allow for 1 minute switchover between presenters. Let's see if this works out. So far, we have line up the following poster presentations:

TimeWho & What
11:30am Introduction by Cesare Soci
11:35pm P65: Ximing Wang, Mile Gu: Variational Decoupling of Quantum Dynamics
11:38am P48: Adrian Copetudo*, Clara Fontaine*, Pengtao Song*: Shadow tomography and extreme machine learning with bosonic modes
11.41am P8: Chung Chuan Hsu, Rémy Larue, Chang Chi Kwong*, David Wilkowski: A simple and compact cold atomic source using laser ablation
11.44am P91: Brandon Ong*, Yulia Lekina*, Benny Febriansyah, Zexiang Shen*: Low Temperature Response in m-bromophenethylammonium-based (m-C6H4FC2H4NH3)2PbI4 2D Perovskites (m = 2, 3, or 4)
11.47am P139: Muhammed Juvaid M*, Hao Tan, Hippolyte P.A.G. Astier, Jing Yang Chung, Chandan Das, John Sudijono, Silvija Gradečak*: Atomic Layer Deposition of Waferscale Crystalline WS2 Thin Films for Back-End-of-Line Applications
11.50am P149: Marco Marangi*, Jingyi Tian, Maciej Klein, Guglielmo Lanzani, Cesare Soci*: Exciton polaritons in J-aggregates coupled to dielectric metasurfaces
11.53am P58: Russell Yang*, Jun Wei Tan*, Tommy Tai, Jin Ming Koh, Linhu Li, Stefano Longhi, Ching Hua Lee*: Designing non-Hermitian real spectra through electrostatics
11.57am P142: Jing Yang Chung, Yanwen Yuan, Silvija Gradecak-Garaj*, Slaven Garaj*: Exfoliation of two-dimensional boron from non-van der Waals crystals
12.00noon P 140: Soumyadeep Sinha*, Hippolyte P.A.G. Astier, Muhammed Juvaid M, Jing Yang Chung, Chandan Das, John Sudijono, Silvija Gradečak*: Wafer-Scale Deposition of Boron Nitride Thin Films via Low-Temperature PECVD Process
12.03pm P38: Bijaya Luitel*: Where is the gas? Molecular gas maps for galaxies in the early universe
12.06pm P92: Fernando Valadares*, Aleksandr Dorogov, Daniel Leykam, Dimitris G. Angelakis, Yvonne Gao: Thermal State Preparation on Bosonic-Mode Circuit QED
12.09pm P117: Nyayabanta Swain*, Gabriel Lemarie*: Universal features of conductance fluctuations in 2D strong Anderson localised regime.