The Poster Pitch student competition is an opportunity to showcase posters to the large IPS audience for 3 minutes in whatever form presenters feel like to attract visitors to their posters. Project e.g. an image of the poster on the screen so presenters can talk to it, but any other format is also welcome - just let us know at The presenters at this sessions will be eligible to the Best Poster Award at this year's IPS meeting!

When & Where

The session will take place on Thursday, 8 March, venue: LT1


You can present your poster at this event as long as you notify us, and as long as there are time slots free (we have space for 13+ presentations). To simplify organization, do let us have a soft copy of your poster, either in pdf or in power point.


The times given are based on a 3 minute presentation - this is a fast-paced event, and we allow for 1 minute switchover between presenters. Let's see if this works out. So far, we have line up the following poster presentations:

TimeWho & What
11:30am Introduction by Cesare Soci
11:35am P 12: Salih Yanikgonul, Jun Rong Ong, Victor Leong, Leonid Krivitsky: 2D Monte Carlo simulation of CMOS-compatible waveguide-based single-photon avalanche diode for visible wavelengths
11:39am P 151: Hasan Mehedi, Chang Chi Kwong, David Wilkowski: Signature of non-Abelian gauge field from an expanding atomic cloud
11:43am P 102: Gowtham Subramanian, Yang Dahou, Ye Ai and Rajesh Chandramohanadas: A portable image-based cytometer for rapid malaria detection and quantification
11:47am P 139: Wee Lin Joyce Ang, Boon Kin Pong and Keng Yeow Chung: Measuring radon level in Singapore
11:51am P39: Li Lu et al.: Novel chalcogenide as a material platform for tunable nanoantenna arrays in the visible and near infrared spectrum
11:55am P153: Ivan Lim and Sum Hung Yee: Revisiting a Novel Approach to Investigating the Thermal Properties of Materials Using Michelson Interferometer
11:59am P105: Hermanni Heimonen, Leong Chuan Kwek, Robin Kaiser, Guillaume Labeyrie: Synchronization of a Self-Sustained Cold Atom Oscillator
12:03pm P84: Sai Ganesh Nagarajan, Sameh Mohammed, Georgios Piliouras: Three body problems in evolutionary game dynamics: Convergence, Periodicity and Limit Cycles
12:07pm P117: Yeshuai Yang, Hyunmin Cho, Brian Lim Hoe Ray, Shi Hern Lim, M.V. Reddy: Synthesis and characterization of AB2O4 spinels for Lithium Batteries
12:11pm P110: Yih Herng Ignatius Choong: Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Li4Ti5O12 as anode material for Lithium Ion Batteries
12:15pm P133: T. Thu Ha Do et al.: Efficient Up-conversion Photoluminescence in All-Inorganic Perovskite Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals
12:19pm P147: Kittipitch Yooprasertchuti et al.: Ionic Transport through Few Nanometer High Graphene Nanochannels
12:23pm P37: B. Sunthar, Shah Faisal, W.S. Koh: Solar Heat Gain Modelling for Urban Environments
12:26pm P35: Shah Faisal, B. Sunthar, W.S. Koh: Surface Energy Balance Modelling for Industrial Areas
12:30pm LUNCH!!!