The Poster Pitch student competition is an opportunity to showcase posters to the large IPS audience for 3 minutes in whatever form presenters feel like to attract visitors to their posters. Project e.g. an image of the poster on the screen so presenters can talk to it, but any other format is also welcome - just let us know at The presenters at this sessions will be eligible to the Best Poster Award at this year's IPS meeting!

When & Where

The session will take place on Thursday, 14 March, venue: LT2


You can present your poster at this event as long as you notify us, and as long as there are time slots free. To simplify organization, do let us have a soft copy of your poster, either in pdf or in power point. Ideally, you do this via email to early enough (say, at least a day before) the presentation such that we can upload it to this web page.


The times given are based on a 3 minute presentation - this is a fast-paced event, and we allow for 1 minute switchover between presenters. Let's see if this works out. So far, we have line up the following poster presentations:

TimeWho & What
11:30am Introduction by Cesare Soci
11:35am P114: Meena Rajendran, Jose Martinez, Robert E. Simpson: Review of electrostatic effects on chalcogenide phase change materials
11:39am P59: Dhiman Bhowmick, Pinaki Sengupta: Topological Magnon Bands in AFM limit of Shastry-Sutherland Lattice
11:43am P78: Munir Shahzad, Nyayabanta Swain, Pinaki Sengupta: Topological Hall effect in Shastry-Sutherland lattice
11:47am P2: Preeti Gulia, Arpan Gupta: Low Frequency Noise Attenuation in Acoustic Panels Using Locally Resonant Sonic Crystal
11:51am P61: Jianlong Lu: Bell Nonlocality in the Universe Permitting Closed Timelike Curves
11:55am P19: Jeremy Lim, Yee Sin Ang, Liang Jie Wong, Ricky Ang: Non-linear optical response and HHG in 3D Dirac semimetals
11:59am P40: Chang Chi Kwong, Eng Aik Chan, Syed Abdullah Aljunid, Rustem Shakhmuratov, David Wilkowski: Frequency modulation spectroscopy at the large optical depth regime
12:03am P129: Ruchi Mittal, M.P.S Bhatia: Identifying Attackers using Multiplex Social Network Analysis for Cyber Security - cancelled
12:07am P31: Xianquan Yu, Jinchao Mo, Rui Wang, Travis Nicholson: The CQT group III machine
12:11am P29: Valerie Tan Yi Jie, Isaac Kwek Zhong Wei:Electrifying Properties of Scintillating Zinc Oxide Ensconced in a Carbon Nanoforest
12:15am P128: Klara Stallhofer, Matthias Nuber, Walter Wong Pei De, Daniele Cortecchia, Annalisa Bruno, Cesare Soci, Hristo Iglev: Femtosecond Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Polaron Dynamics in a 3D Hybrid Perovskite
12:19am P18: Salih Yanikgonul, Jun Rong Ong, Victor Xu Heng Leong, Leonid Krivitsky: 2D Monte Carlo Study of p-n+ and p-i-n+ Silicon Waveguide-based Single-photon Avalanche Diodes for Visible Wavelengths
12:23am P12: Jun Hao Koh: Simplified Surface Temperature Modelling
12:27am P 9: Sanjib Ghosh: Processing quantum states with a quantum reservoir processor
12:31am P36: Chithrabhanu Perumangatt*, Alexander Lohrmann, Alexander Ling: Polarization entangled photon pair source based on position correlation.
12:45pm LUNCH!!!