The listing below shows who were issued tickets for the various zones. A few notes:

  1. If you have not received a ticket yet, please check your spam folder - and notify us if you have not received it. You will need a ticket to be admitted.
  2. If you are a speaker and appear in the list below, please ensure that you appear in the correct zone.
  3. If you are a speaker and do not appear in the list below, do let us know immediately at
  4. If you know that you can not attend a session, please also let us know - you can then free a slot, and we can pass this opportunity on to people on our waiting list.
  5. We will stream the sessions as well, so you don't miss out on the content of the event.
  6. Please also note the staggered registration times for the different zones. To avoid congestion and intermingling between different zone participans, we are required to have staggered admission for this event. The times are indicated at each event - please ensure that you arrive at the specified time in the morning.

Attendance list disabled for privacy reasons